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Creating and deploying web-based solutions that help specific audiences solve unmet needs makes Rick jump for joy. Nope, this is not a picture of Rick - He's a bit older now. Ready, Set, Collaborate!
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May we introduce you to ...
SpeckledFish is Rick Forristall.

Schooled in architecture & business information technology -- he holds an Associates in Architectural Engineering Technology and an MBA in Information Systems.

His ability to develop solutions to problems was honed during his 24+ years in the U. S. Air Force where he held myriad management & leadership positions that required him to routinely understand, dissect and solve problems.

With a unique combination of strong business acumen and exceptional programming skills, Rick thrives on developing web-based services that solve needs of specific audiences.

He has a nifty sense of infusing the right mix of serious and whimsy which helps create effective and useful online services.

SpeckledFish is a 4 in 10 Enterprises, LLC Brand and is owned by a Christian -- a person who is a confessed sinner who has been guaranteed an eternal relationship with God because he accepted that Jesus Christ is God and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day. If you would like that same guarantee you only have to pray to God that you know you are a sinner, that you want God's forgiveness for your sins, that you know Jesus is God, and that you accept Jesus as your savior because he died on the cross and rose again.

Rick enjoys his 4 grandkids, reading non-fiction, riding his 2012 Streetfighter-converted Yamaha FZ6R and watching movies.

Got an idea for solving a need with an online service? Let's collaborate.
Brr-ib-ittt. What's your need that has no current solution? Want to collaborate with SpeckledFish to create an online solution? Let's chat.
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