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SpeckledFish provides stellar services focusing on:
  • ServiceNow Application Development & System Admininstration
  • "Websites in a Day" using WordPress
  • Custom Business Applications using PHP & MySQL

ServiceNow Application Development & System Administration

Automating your manual processes is what SpeckledFish does best. The ServiceNow platform allows robust integration with existing data which allows incredible efficiencies when creating custom applications. Some of what SpeckledFish has done:
  • Automated job requisition submission and approval process
  • Automated recruiting intake process
  • HR case management system
  • Marketing case management system
  • Automating incident creation and updates via email
  • Customer care case management & reporting system

"Websites in a Day!" using WordPress

WordPress is a versatile platform on which to build your website and blog. SpeckledFish specializes in creating websites in 1 day using WordPress.

SpeckledFish uses a straightforward process to get your website up and running in 1 day using available themes - all for just $350.00! Of course, more complex websites may cost more, but let's collaborate to discover your needs.

How much do you want to earn from your blog? SpeckledFish also helps you incorporate Google AdSense into your WordPress blog.

Custom Business Applications

From basic websites (online brochures) through robust web-based business applications, SpeckledFish can support your needs. SpeckledFish's work includes:

  • Converting a series of paper-based emotional intelligence assessments into an online automated system.
  • Converting a paper-based educational services registration process to an online automated registration process.
  • Creating a Google Map printing service allowing a tree advocacy organization to import electric company clients, automatically get a Google map view of their home, and print instructions on where best to plant a free tree on their property.

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